Tech Billionaire Michael Goguen Denies Having A ‘Harem’ of Women, Local Policemen On His Payroll & Keeping A Spreadsheet of 5,000 Women He’s Slept With

Tech billionaire Michael Goguen denies having a


Tech billionaire, Michael Goguen has denied allegations detailed in a lawsuit filed by four ex-employees accusing him of having local policemen on his payroll, having a ‘haram of women’ for his sexual needs and having documented 5000 women he’s slept with.

Goguen, a 57-year-old venture capitalist, allegedly paid a teenager $1,200 to have sex with him and is said to have kept a ‘harem’ of women whom he paid with homes, jewelry and travel

Some of the sexual encounters happened in a ‘boom boom’ room under a bar he owns, the lawsuit filed by former employees in February asking for $800 million in damages alleges.

The former partner at venture capitalist Sequoia Capital was fired by the firm after he was sued by Amber Baptiste (pictured below) who claimed that she was sexually and physically abused by him in 2016.

Tech billionaire Michael Goguen denies having a

He has now denied the allegations published by the New York Post.

‘The ridiculous and defamatory published in the New York POST article yesterday was the “last gasp” attempt by recently convicted felon Matthew Marshall to cause my family and I as much damage as possible before his upcoming sentencing,’ Goguen told the Post on Sunday.

Marshall is one of four former employees of Goguen’s Amyntor Group LLC, a security contractor, who filed a 135-page lawsuit against their onetime boss in February.

The legal filing alleges that Goguen, who is currently married to his fourth wife, allegedly kept a ‘harem’ of ‘numerous women, including married women, strippers, and prostitutes,’ who he bought homes for and used for ‘illicit sexual activity.’

Marshall, the former head of Amyntor who quickly grew to become Goguen’s ‘right-hand man,’ pled guilty to wire fraud and other charges earlier this month.


The lawsuit claims the investor met with the women at various safe houses or at a ‘boom boom’ room in the basement of his bar in Whitefish, a small town in Montana where he now lives.

The married billionaire, who has two children, once asked his employee to arrange a hit on a former friend who knew too much about his personal life, according to the lawsuit.

A retired Whitefish police chief now says that Goguen – whom he compared to serial predators Harvey Weinstein and Jeffrey Epstein – ‘has to be stopped.’


The lawsuit lays out a complex operation headed by Goguen to protect his simultaneous affairs.

The breakdown of the operation, and the employees who helped it run, can be traced through multiple guilty pleas by former employees and associates who threatened to speak out about the alleged scheme.

The tech investor is worth more than $5billion, according to the New York Post.

Tech billionaire Michael Goguen denies having a

He flew some of the women in his private $42 million jet.

‘Marshall was being asked to purchase, out of his personal accounts, vehicles, jewelry, earnest money deposits on properties, and to provide cash or other items for Goguen’s mistresses, or as hush-money payoffs to Goguen’s acquaintances and employees who had “learned too much” about Goguen’s sexual misconduct and crimes, and the Goguen Sexual Scheme,’ the lawsuit states.

‘Goguen informed Marshall it was best to have him pay the property expenses, especially any expenses that were solely for Goguen’s safe houses, out of his personal account to avoid his then wife Jordana from discovering that Goguen owned a number of properties that he used extensively for extramarital affairs because Jordana had visibility over Goguen’s accounts at that time.’

The lawsuit, which is asking for $800 million in damages, claims various violations of the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO) act.

In 2016, Canadian exotic dancer Amber Baptiste accused Michael Goguen of ‘constant sexual abuse’ that included ‘countless hours of sodomy.’

In court papers, Baptiste alleged that Goguen insisted that she refer to him as ‘king’ and ’emperor.’

Baptiste claimed that Goguen ‘forcibly sodomized her and left her bleeding and alone on the floor of a hotel room in a foreign country.’

The injuries from the alleged 2012 incident were so severe that Baptiste was forced to undergo surgery for a ruptured anal canal.

Baptiste filed a $40million lawsuit against Goguen, who responded with a counter-lawsuit.

After a three-year court battle, Goguen won the legal battle. He managed to secure a restraining order that prevented Baptiste from filing similar lawsuits against him in the future.


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