Rising Act, Yungblnkz Hard Chase in Combating Mental Health Related Issues Amongst Youth

According to Billboard, three quarter of independent musical artists go through mental health related problems, which leads to a global outcry on a need to control the growing statistics of young musicians going through this seeking negative alternatives to subsidize their problems. Though this seems to be a troubling issue, there are a few acts which through their interests and activation has led to the control of mental health outbreak in Nigeria and beyond One of them is Nigeria’s fast rising act Yungblnkz, with a smashing debut single “I’m Hot” that seems to be widely accepted by young music lovers because of its fast rap infused melodious rhythm, seems to be taking the industry by storm with over half a million streams grossly on music platforms, asides from that in a couple of interviews seen; we’ve noticed his cultivating pursuit in making the world a better place via his mental health projects which are been rolled out come since this year. This is something commendable when musical acts use their numerous platforms to make the world a better place through mental health advocacy for the young generation. He created a mental health campaign which is tagged “FIGHT IT MOVEMENT”, he gave out over 10 thousand “fight it movement” mental health materials and tool kit this year to
create awareness about the mental health crisis. Which seems to be a major feat considering the fact that he really doesn’t have to, this single act
encourages other musicians to join the race to combat mental health related issues in the community which seems to be the order of the day amongst
youths today.
Low and unpredictable success expectancy and a lack of financial stability affect musicians’ mental health, and the uncertainties around employment go hand in hand with the pressure to be ‘creative on demand.’ Many are forced to juggle several jobs and often work away from home which can be exhausting and isolating. The absence of a regular routine along with poor sleep and bad eating habits all influence wellbeing. “Being a musician is highly capital intensive and has the impact of any self-employed job especially in a growing economy with a slower success expectancy like Nigeria, you never switch off, everything is linked to your growth and achievements; your relationships, your friendships and your social life would be stronger if you achieve the successful artist feat” – Yungblnkz stated in a recent social media tweet.

Yungblnkz which seems to be his stage name; originally called Abimbola Jeremiah Popoola born on the 13 th of February (a day before valentine) who
hails from the western region of Nigeria has been tagged an artist to watch after successfully completing his UK & European tour. Also with more future mental health projects am certain he is listening to the vital questions the community asks of the social responsibility towards the increase in mental health cases amongst the youth and the musicians in the industry today.
For someone whose birthday comes up 24 hours before the day dedicated for lovers worldwide which is the St. Valentine’s day no doubt he is set to use love as his strategy to get young people talking, hopefully we’ll get to hear more compelling songs and projects from him come 2020, he is surely an artist with a message and making positive impact in the community.
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