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You see!
When I say R.I.P, I don’t only mean Rest In Peace I mean Rewind It Please so we can Remain In Peace.
This piece, I want you to Read It Properly, cus we ain’t Right in Perspective that’s why the Rough In Personality Remain In Power, so we Reside In Poverty,While they Rise In Property, they Rob Innocent People and lack Respect In Proper. Like lions Roar Its Pricks and Roughens Its Prey we remain in a Real Ignorance Philosophy so that we can’t even Reject Its Prophecies, so this message Read It Properly and Remember Its Piece, Remember It Please once more Remember I Plead,
let us Rise in peace against those with Riffles in Pocket, Raping Innocent People , Robbery In open Places, no fear of God. They Ruin Individuals Project, Restricting individuals Progress,
Corruption Rising In our People, in our nation Restricting internal prosperity like a car on the Road Its Parked.
So rise against the Ruiners I preach, so our society can Remain In Purity, let this be a Reminder In Present and Remember Its Present so you can Rise In Position to Relinquish Indecent Principles, Restricting Immoral Pressures make your life meaningful so Remember Its Price
So this message, Read It Properly, Remember Its Piece, it may look Rude but Its Principle, knowing your worth Really Isn’t Pride, so Raw I Preach, Remember It Please
So when I say “R.I.P”, I don’t only mean Rest In Peace, I mean Rewind It please so we can Remain In Peace and the souls of our past heroes can Rest In Peace.


Signed Akinlaja Judah™
C.E.O penspeaksspokenword.

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