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Photos: Miss BumBum Contestants Pose With X-RAYS of Their Massive Bottoms To Prove They Are Real

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MISS Bumbum contestants have posed with X-rays of their massive bottoms to prove they are real and don’t need dangerous butt surgery to get impressive backsides


The 27 competitors competing for this year’s pageant united to warn against ‘quick fix’ surgeries after a number of high-profile deaths following butt augmentation surgery.

According to the organizers, the contestants showed X-ray scans to prove none of their own derrieres have been tampered with, following the death of one Mayara Silva dos Santos who suffered complications after getting injections to enlarge her bottom.

Another woman, 41-year-old Adriana Ferreira Pinto, recently died six days after undergoing butt surgery.

The 27 competitors are set to partake in the competition’s annual parade down Sao Paulo’s main street in Brazil.

See more photos below…


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