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Paris Jackson Defends Her Dad Michael Jackson Amid Child Abuse Accusations Controversy, Says He “Has A Good Heart”

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Paris Jackson defends dad Micheal Jackson amid "Leaving Neverland" controversy, says he "has a good heart"

Paris Jackson says her father Michael Jackson is innocent of the sex abuse allegations made against him in the documentary “Leaving Neverland” but he’s being accused because that’s what they do “to everyone with a good heart.”

The model/actress made this statement in a tweet shared shortly after the documentary aired.

In the documentary, two men, Wade Robson and James Safechuck claim the late “King of Pop”sexually abused them when they were children.

TV viewers took to social media to comment on the documentary. And his daughter, Paris replied to one of the tweets to defend her father. She said he’s being attacked because they do that to everyone who has a good heart but she assured her father’s supporters that they won’t succeed.


Paris Jackson defends dad Micheal Jackson amid "Leaving Neverland" controversy, says he "has a good heart"


According to reports, Paris “hasn’t watched” Leaving Neverland and Jackson’s estate are suing HBO for $100million over the documentary.

The Jackson family have accused Robson and Safechuck of “trying to make money”, though HBO revealed they had no “financial interest* in the documentary and were not paid to appear in it.

Reacting to Leaving Neverland, Jackie Jackson, Michael’s brother, said:


I know my brother. He’s my little brother. I know my brother. He’s not like that.


Back in 2017, Paris addressed the allegations against her dad in an interview with Rolling Stone.

She said at the time:


Picture your parent crying to you about the world hating him for something he didn’t do. For me, he was the only thing that mattered.

To see my entire world in pain, I started to hate the world because of what they were doing to him. I’m like, How can people be so mean?

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