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Oloyede Accuses Jonathan Of Being Unfair To Muslims In Cabinet Appointments

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Prof Ishaq Oloyede Secretary General of Nigeria Supreme
Council of Islamic Affairs, NSCIA, Professor
Ishaq Oloyede has accused the government
of President Goodluck Jonathan of being
unfair and unjust to the Western Nigerian
Muslims. Speaking to journalists immediately after
observing his Eid prayer at the Egba Praying
ground Lantoro Abeokuta, Ogun state,
Oloyede said muslims in Western Nigeria
had remained very tolerant though the
Federal government did not appoint any muslim from the region as cabinet member. “We want to appeal to the Federal
government of Nigeria to be fair to all. Is it
an accident that throughout the South West
of Nigeria, there is no cabinet member who
is a Muslim. So we continue to say that
Muslims are intolerant, Muslims are these, I think it is important for us to be fair and to
be just”, he said. “We might be doing things, we might be
thinking that we are clever, that we think
people do not see us, that people do not
observe what we are doing, but we are
deceiving ourselves. I think the truth of the
matter is that we should be fair to all, we should be equitable to all, in such a way that
we would not let ourselves to those people
who are hell bent on disturbing, or
disintegrating this peaceful Community of
ours”. Professor Oloyede added, “If we are just, if
we are equitable, it does not matter the
religion of whomever is in power or where
somebody comes from”. He said the effects of the unjust act may
result into disintegration of the country and
creation of more crisis adding that,if not
checked, “of course we are calling for
continuity of inequities and disintegration”. He however advised Muslims to continue to
imbibe the spirit of ramadan, adding that,
“all muslims in Nigeria should continue with
the piety which the month of Ramadan
brought to our community, to continue to
be law abiding, peaceful and committed to the propagation of the religion of Islam”.
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