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At Least 100 Killed, 300 Hurt in ‘Heinous’ Mogadishu Car Bombings

Rescuers remove a body from the scene of a double car bomb attack in Mogadishu, Somalia, on October 29, 2022

Somali president says death toll to rise further after Saturday’s twin bombings that targeted the education ministry.

At least 100 people have been killed and 300 wounded in two car bomb explosions in the capital Mogadishu, Somali President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud said.

Blaming the al-Shabab armed group for the attacks, Mohamud told reporters on Sunday that he expected the death toll from the twin blasts to rise further.

“Our people who were massacred … included mothers with their children in their arms, fathers who had medical conditions, students who were sent to study, businessmen who were struggling with the lives of their families,” the Somali leader said after visiting the site of the blast.

Authorities said the attack at the busy Sobe intersection on Saturday targeted the Somali education ministry and a school.

Sadiq Doodishe, a police spokesperson, told reporters that women, children and the elderly had been killed in the attack.

State news agency SONNA said independent journalist Mohamed Isse Kona was also killed.

The first explosion hit the ministry; then the second blast occurred as ambulances arrived and people gathered to help the victims, police officer Nur Farah told the Reuters news agency.

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