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My Mum Threatened To Curse Me If I Do Music – Shorae Moore

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Reigning music Sensation, Shorae Moore has revealed his most challenging career experience in a recent interview. The young man who stole the heart of music lovers with his first official single with Enigma Media Inc titled My Way, has continued to fire on all cylinders in recent times, as a follow up to the unusual success and acceptability of the said track.

A not-too-close monitoring of his social media timelines these days bare witness to how busy he has being of late, from shows, to concerts, interviews and all manner of gigs. At a recent interview, Shorae Moore revealed how his Mum, threatened to place a curse on him never to prosper, if he pursue music as a career. According to him, he was of course shaken and disturbed because of his love and closeness to his mum, but then his passion and love for music wouldn’t let him quit. In a recent chat with 69 Entertainment,  he explained further that while all this was going on, he continued to fine tune his music talent and most importantly, he learnt how music can be used as a tool to make positive impact and affect the society. This was what he did relentlessly with so much passion, until it became obvious to his Mum, that her boy was destined to make music and she was left with no choice than to give in and support.

When asked about his mum’s attitude towards his music career now, he said his mum is not just a big fan now, she is equally a stakeholder and an unrepentant promoter of his music.

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