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MIXTAPE: Justified Guilt – Legion Of Me

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Months after pre-release of  “For the record”, “love hate music” and “Shattered Bars” some of the foremost tracks by Justified_guilt from his tape comes the legion of me mixtape.

Justified_Guilt, a prolific song writer, singer & rapper offers Legion of me (LOM) after the release of shattered bars & it’s raw hiphop visuals, the official music video which is still raising eyelids especially across media platforms.

Legion of Me mixtape is a tact production by one of industry’s top vet producer, Boldface. Though all 10 tracks of the mixtape was recorded, mixed & mastered by Boldface the 10th track of the mixtape LOM was a mashup with Portland, America’s own audio engineer, Kevin Carafa.

LOM tracks are far from what you will want to tag covers though all track listings are jump offs ready chronic rap beats and reconning hip-hop instrumentals.

In Legion of Me, Justified_guilt raps about a pendulum industry, and societies bound within the yoke of ‘norms’.
Scratching more off the surface, he talks about a ‘boundless being’, though alone, how sufficient a person can be amidst trials & challenges, though unknown to you how infinite and enough you can be in every limitation.

With unruly Rhymes and core bars all the way from the 1st track which is the intro of the tape, to the 10th track, this is no doubt a Rap tape in its true sense.

Legion of Me track listings in its particular order can be seen as a carved story line which according to the rapper is like a caption of his own reality on replay.
The legion of Me mixtape does not only serve as a peep into the rappers life it also brings to light a little of his trials and his intent for the rap game.
Legion of Me is indeed a piece that can be delivered nothing less by a lyrical prodigy.


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