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Michael Jackson Tops Forbes’ List of Highest-Earning Dead Celebrities For The Seventh Year in A Row [Full List]

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Michael Jackson tops Forbes

In the list published this week, Michael Jackson’s music streams increased to 2.1 billion in the US, compared to 1.8 billion the year before. His Mijac Music catalog, Sony deal, and a Las Vegas show have also continued to contribute to his fortune.


American rapper Nipsey Hussle, who was shot and killed on March 31, also made it to the list at the No. 10 spot with $11 million.


The publication notes that “The Life” hitmaker netted most of the money from the rights to his music as his songs were streamed 1.85 billion times, the third-most of any act on the list. He also ran a clothing company, Marathon Clothing, during his life, though it’s unknown how much the money made from his clothing business made up his earning in the last 12 months.


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Michael Jackson – Musician (overdose/homicide) June 25, 2009: $60million

Elvis – Musician (heart attack) August 16, 1977: $39million

Charles Schultz – Cartoonist (cancer) February 12, 2000: $38million

Arnold Palmer – Golfer (heart disease) September 25, 2016: $30million

Bob Marley – Musician (cancer) May 11, 1981: $20million

Dr. Seuss – Author (cancer) September 24, 1991: $19million

John Lennon – Musician (homicide) December 8, 1980: $14million

Marilyn Monroe – Actress (overdose) August 5, 1962: $13million

Prince – Musician (overdose) April 21, 2016: $12million

Nipsey Hussle – Musician (homicide) March 31, 2019: $11million

XXXtentacion – Musician (homicide) June 18, 2018: $10million

Whitney Houston – Musician (drowning) February 11, 2012: $9.5million

George Harrison – Musician (cancer) November 29, 2001: $9million

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