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Kannywood Reacts To Leaked Nude Video of Maryam Booth, Speaks On Banning Her

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Kannywood reacts to leaked nude video of Maryam Booth, speaks on banning her

Kannywood Guild of Artistes has reacted to the leaked nude video of one of its members Maryam Booth, which went viral last weekend. 


In an interview with Daily Trust, the Chairman of Kannywood Guild of Artistes Alhassan Kwalle stated that Maryam Booth won’t be banned from the movie industry over the leaked nude video.


He said the video was not released intentionally or for pornographic content, but as a tool of blackmail.


Kwalle also disclosed that two suspects linked to the nude video leak are currently being interrogated and the actress won’t be pushed into a spot of taking the fall for it.


He said;


“Everyone knows that the video showing Matyam Booth was mischievously taken to blackmail her, not that she was doing a film or sort.

“She tried to take action about it immediately but the guy that did it acted as if he had deleted the video and for over three years he has been using that to extort money from her under threat that he will release the video until he eventually released it on Friday.

“Recently, he called and said he wants to take his mother to the hospital and that she should give him money but she refused; that was why he decided to release the nude video”

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