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In Pictures: Huge Nevada Wildfire Turns Las Vegas Sky Red

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Fire in Mount Charleston as seen from downtown Las Vegas
The fire coated the air above Las Vegas in smoke

A wildfire raging in Mount Charleston, Nevada, has sent up a large plume of smoke visible from nearby Las Vegas.

The fire started as a 10-acre (four hectares; 0.04 sq km) brush fire on Sunday afternoon.

By the early evening local parks officials said it had engulfed about 5,000 acres (20 sq km).

Ray Johnson, US Forest Service fire prevention officer, told the Las Vegas Review-Journal that the wind was too strong for firefighters to work safely.

A mother and daughter take photos of the fire

Crews hope the winds will drop off on Monday so they can travel to the area.

The American Red Cross of Nevada has opened an evacuation centre in a local primary school for residents of Mount Charleston.

The wildfire obscures the setting sun

It is not known what caused the fire, but some reports are suggesting multiple fireworks in the area may have started the fire.

Road sign warns drivers of road closures due to the fire
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