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Video: Lady Caught On Camera Sexually Harassing Male Police Officers

The video captures the moment a SEE CLIP HERE lady was seen harassing members of the South African Police Service (SAPS) on the road in the area in Limpopo.

In the video, the lady dressed in a SEE CLIP HERE  black dress is seen bending in front of an officer in uniform as she dances on him before being pulled by a bystander close to her.

Download Video Here – Click to See what happened

The lady then proceeded to another officer SEE CLIP HEREstanding on the other side of the road wanting to dance on him like what she had been doing to the other officer.


The man in blue stops the lady by swerving his hands so that she goes away, but she starts acting as if she wants to beat him, and the officer walks away.

Nearby people seemed entertained as they could be heard laughing and praising what the lady who looked intoxicated was doing.

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