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Concerned Nigerian Rugby Players Speaks Over Homsexual Activities In Nrff, Accusess Ntiense Williams Of Cover-Up By Olu George

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In Nigeria, Homosexual is not only considered as a crime against God and humanity, but also a sacrilege against the laws of the land. Simply put, both male and female same-sex sexual activity is illegal in Nigeria. 
The maximum punishment for same-sex sexual activity is 14 years’ imprisonment. The Same-Sex Marriage Prohibition Act 2014 criminalizes all forms of same-sex unions and same-sex marriage throughout the country.
But pathetically and most unfortunately, despite the law prohibiting same-sex activities in Nigeria, the act still booms in the country, not only among the lower class but also in higher places.
The ordeal of Rugby Players in the hands of their coaches is just one example of how homosexual activities boom in higher level in Nigeria. The Head Coach of Edo State Rugby Association and former Technical Director of the Nigerian Rugby Football Federation, Mr. Ntiense Williams is being accused by a group of Concerned Rugby Players of aiding and abetting homosexual activities in the Rugby Football Industry.
The Players who does not want their name mentioned for security reason(s), in a Save Our Career and Soul Petition seen online, alleged that Coach Ntiense Williams did not only aid the bi-sexual activities one of their coaches, John Sylvanus, he also advised them to cooperate with him (John) so that they can have a meaningful career.
Narrating how Coach John Sylvanus was prevented from sleeping with a 14-year old boy in the Federation House situated in Surulere, Lagos, the players said the general public should come to their aide before their career is truncated. 
The full text of the petition against Mr. Ntiense Williams and Coach John Sylvanus, as sighted on online the Concerned Rugby Players is hereby reproduced below; 
Nigeria Rugby Football Federation (NRFF) is a sport parastatal under Federal Ministry of Sports with its Secretariat at Surulere, Lagos State, Nigeria.
We are a group of Rugby Players in under the Nigerian Rugby Football Federation. This petition is against one Mr John Sylvanus who is a Rugby coach of Nigeria Rugby football Federation under schools and Mr. Wiiliams Ntiense, the Head Coach of Edo State Rugby Association and former Technical Director of the Nigerian Rugby Football Federation.
We assert that Mr. John has been making life terrible for us because we refused to allow his advances to sleep with us and Mr. Wiiliams has been covering him up. We are men thus cannot sleep with a fellow man. Many of us got demoted for not accepting his ungodly offer of same-sex relationship. 
We also want to say very explicit that Mr. John has many victims. For instance, on 31st of November 2018, John   Sylvanus visited Rugby House at 10pm prompt. He demanded he should allow him into the building (office area) to do some work. The security refused and asked him to call the Director of Human Resources before he could allow him access into the premises. John called at that same 10pm and made same request that he had a report to prepare overnight with respect to Rugby and submit to the President as he didn’t have electricity and internet access in his house. 
The Head of HR instructed the security to allow him in but unknown to the authority, he has an ulterior motive. He went to a nearby building and brought in a very young boy within the age grade of 12 – 14 years with intention to pass the night with the boy at Rugby house.
Alas, immediately the security saw the boy, and knowing-fully the antecedent of Coach John, he (security) refused him entry and they dragged the issues to almost 12 midnight. As the security blatantly refused to allow the boy in, John Sylvanus left with the young boy and went away. 
When the Head of HR came in this morning, he inquired to know if everything went well but to his greatest bewilderment, he was informed by the security that John didn’t pass the night at Rugby house as requested because the security didn’t allow him come in with the young boy. 
The intention of Mr. John was to have canal knowledge of the hypnotized Young boy.  It was quite clear that John didn’t have any report to present but rather had ulterior motives hence the reason he abandoned the report he claimed he wanted to pass the night here when he was refused entry with the little boy. 
We beg to help expose this scenario. Mr. John has been harassing us sexually and threatening not to include our names in the league or any tournament if we don’t accept his proposal to date and sleep with us against the tradition and laws of Nigeria and against our conscience. 
We have severally reported Mr. John to his ally, the former Technical Director of the Nigerian Rugby Federation and current Head coach of Edo State Rugby Team, Mr. Ntiense Williams but to our greatest surprise, he did nothing. As a matter of fact, Mr. Williams told one of us to cooperate with Mr. John if we want our career to have a meaningful career.
We therefore appeal to your medium to intervene in this matter as it will be highly damaging if the Nigerian Rugby House situated in Surulere, Lagos becomes a “Homosexual Dungeon” or if qualified Rugby Players suffers neglect and demotion for refusing to sleep with fellow men.
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