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Buy Smart, Sell Fast On GidiMarket

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Buying smart and selling fast are the essence of e-commerce and Gidimarket is the pick of the crop of new generation classified ads in Africa. Gidimarket is rated as one of the biggest classified ads portals in Nigeria. This unique site is imbibed with user friendly features effective for buying and selling on the go.

If you are selling, someone is buying and if you are buying, someone is selling. Gidimarket aims to

*Providing a meeting point for buying and selling.

*Connecting buyers and sellers all over Nigeria.

*Providing an Online market place to buy/sell for 24 hours a day.

*Easy marketing * all the sweet marketing lingo can be posted there.

*Providing Nationwide trading services (Seller in Calabar can Post at 7 am and buyer in Ilorin can view in just a few minutes)

*Buying and Selling at your leisure i.e you can be on Gidimarket while you watch your soccer or party.

*Buying and Selling from your bedroom at the punch of a few keypads.


Vehicles – All vehicle sales, buying and marketing are available under this tab. You can also buy and sell vehicle spare parts and services in this section.

Suppliers: This section takes care of all service supply, laundry, welding, delivery services and more.

Buy & Sell: Any item or service can be listed here and can be bought or sold.

Properties; You want to buy or rent a house or need property services? Then this tab is what you need to open

Jobs: That dream job you are waiting on or the might just have been uploaded on the Gidimarket Jobs category. You can seek employment opportunities as well as source employees from this tab.

Travels: You can book travels and tours or sell travel packages in this category and limitless travel services are listed on here.

Community: This is the community marketplace where you post ads of lost and found items,
Church/Mosque programmes, Events and others.

Gidimarket is created with a commitment to making buying and selling online easy, use-friendly and effective. Two new classified ads features, the first of its kind in Nigeria would be launched exclusively to us soon.
For more information please visit our website:

or follow us on social media.
twitter: @its_gidimarket
instagram: @gidimarket

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