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Bangladesh Ferry Crash: At Least 32 Dead As Boat Capsizes

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A rescue operation in the aftermath of a boat capsizing in the Buriganga river in Dhaka, Bangladesh, 29 June 2020.
Rescue officials said the ferry capsized after colliding with another vessel

At least 32 people have died and many more are missing after a ferry capsized in Bangladesh, near the capital Dhaka.

Rescue officials said the ship, the Morning Bird, overturned after a collision with another vessel in the Buriganga river, close to the country’s largest river port, Sadarghat.

Local media reports said the ferry came from a village in the centre of the country and had about 50 passengers.

Ferry accidents are frequent in Bangladesh because of overcrowding.

A man reacts during the rescue operation in the aftermath of a boat capsizing in the Buriganga river in Dhaka, Bangladesh, 29 June 2020.A man reacts at the site of the ferry crash on Monday

There are also poor safety standards in the country’s many shipyards and ferries often sink in bad weather.

Witnesses told local television stations that many passengers were stuck in cabins on the ferry following the collision.

Images from the scene showed large numbers of bodies in white bags which had been retrieved from the stricken vessel.

Dead bodies are seen piled up on a boat after a passenger ferry capsized in the river Buriganga in Dhaka, Bangladesh, June 29, 2020.Rescue officials collected at least 25 bodies after the collision
Relatives of a victim of a ferry capsized mourn as rescue workers unload bodies in Dhaka on June 29, 2020Relatives of one of the victims react as rescue workers unload bodies at the site

Reports said the ferry sank as it attempted to moor at Sadarghat, Dhaka’s main river port, which is used by hundreds of boats to travel to the country’s south.

Abul Khair, a diver in the fire brigade, told the AFP news agency that rescuers had collected at least 30 bodies, including several children.

Another 20 passengers are still thought to be missing.

Rescue workers bring bodies of victims after a ferry capsized at the Sadarghat ferry terminal in Dhaka on June 29, 2020.The bodies were taken to the busy ferry terminal of Sadarghat
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