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Bakare Mubarak The Tallest Model in Sub-saharan Africa drops Birthday Message

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I am happy I’m a year older today. On the flip side, it hurts so bad that I just lost my Uncle. Nontheless all soul shall taste death verily!

I appreciate my Family deeply & everyone who have truely believed in me & contributed to who I have become today. The journey has been great all along. The ups and downs, the challenges and triumphs are all working to shape the man I am becoming.

So, to everyone out there chasing their dreams,I want to employ you not to ever stop. Please do not give up the energy, & do not forget to share love, as the energy you give to the Universe is exactly what the Universe will give back to you.

You have to stay believing, as ‘the greatness of the Oak tree is emberded in its seed, that greatness you seak lies within you. I pray to Almighty  God to surprise us all with exponential grace, blessing and upliftment.

I can’t wait to Unveil so many things and I thank,

Lastly, it is World Diabetes Day & this day focuses on a theme related to diabetes; type-2 diabetes, which is largely preventable and treatable, as it’s a non-communicable disease that is rapidly increasing in numbers worldwide.
Please lets watch what we eat & stand against Diabetes.

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  1. caivann

    14th November 2019 at 7:09 PM

    Very lost to lost your uncle, andet me take this time to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you I wishi could be there enjoying with and give you hope. But am so far..Happy birthday to you once again

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