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African Fashion Innovator Dimeji Ilori creates a never seen before collection for his Fashion house SWISH he named “FR33”

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“The world is guided by too many rules- not that there shouldn’t be laws- but its guided by too much of it, the more rules there are, the more unavoidably sins and blunders are committed.

I live to break some rules.

Accessing the inner self. I am a creator! Unequaled. A distinguished being with the guts to do the extraordinary and meaningfully impact this world.

Looking inward. I see the Demon within”

This editorial features African naturally sourced elements and artifacts. The Ilorin-based designer has a swished eye for using unimaginable items, clothings and accessories to create fashion. Turning “Periwinkle” which is a waste product from a type of food in his environment to a fashion statement. He sees things as they aren’t and ask why not?

From the ancient locally hand crafted cane-fan in northern Nigeria and the ever different artisan and tailoring techniques of the South-west region down to the periwinkles in the delicious Afang soup of the south-south people of Nigeria.

This collection is a fusion!

DOWNLOAD SWISH FR33 editorial in PDF

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Instagram: @swishnigeria

We approach every piece separately and we love what is the “swish!” about each  piece, we found how to make it better without considering the totality of the collection. In this way we achieve a product that stands on itself as well as within the whole collection.

we try to satisfy certain aesthetic, which brings  swish into existence.

SWISH is a being, who is independent of trends and tendencies, one who loves to go over the edge, respects the rules but break them.

Swish is only for the eccentric minds,

Fashion is not only to reflects our style and personality but also our state of mind as well.

Showcased at the Walk on Water Africa Fashion Show June 2019, the movement and message of the brand was well received by the fashion enthusiasts in the metropolis.

Featuring Yomo David & Okoh Godwin as models, Photographed by Jafariartphotoart & Gbengadaniel photography and styled by Dimeji ilori

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