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A MUST READ: With a Heavy Heart, Every Nigerian is Living a Painful Life in Comfort. Join the conversation

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For every life that has been taken as a result of criminal attacks, for every person that has been a victim of bad roads accident, for every single person that is facing financial drought, for every man that wants a better life for his family, for every civil servant that is underpaid, you can’t breathe in a system you have the sole right to be protected.

According to very conservative figures compiled by TheCable in 2015, Boko Haram killed over 4,000 Nigerians within the calendar year, down from 6,347 in 2014. From 2009 to 2015, the insurgents put a halt to more than 30,000 lives – innocent civilians full of dreams of their own, dreams that could have been useful to the country’s match to development. The current trend shows herdsmen may outrun Boko Haram for the cruellest killer group in Nigeria for the year 2016.

On many occasions, and for different reasons,  Nigerians leave their mother land to another  to earn a better living as a result a faulty economy growth, this is a wake up call for me and you. Human (national) development is about meeting and satisfying basic human needs and aspirations, protecting their freedoms and rights, minimising risks to their survival, enhancing human security, and empowering them to tap and maximise their potential – (Jega, 2010). The lack of affordable and reliable power is cited by investors as the number one constraint to doing business in most African countries, Nigeria inclusive.

Viewing this from the perspective of the recent events (including lack of peaceful co-existence) in the Middle East, where unemployment and poverty are among issues that played a key role in the uprising, one can only conclude that Nigeria’s unemployment poses a threat to development, security and peaceful co-existence.

Hence, #OneDayEGoBetter is a must. Let’s use our voice. It is our right to voice out in any state of discomfort and pain. Nigerians are in pain. We are scared and becoming weaker with time, hence, allowing the leaders to take full advantage of their offices. Our offices. This is the time for every Nigerian to raise a voice against the bad economy, bad governance, engage with every might to talk about personal story/encounter in this national setbacks, raise a voice to ask for human rights in Nigeria. It is not over until is over.

#OneDayEGoBetter is a must! Let’s join the conversation. Let’s share with ourselves’ bad, painful, sad encounters and experiences that are considered or left untold for we have become tired and have taken steps backward into comfort in pain. Now, is the time. Share your voice on the hash tag #OneDayEGoBetter now.

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