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Get To Know Skin Care Therapist Maryam Ali Adamu

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Maryam is a graduate of Business administration and law from the Coventry University, England. She is the Daughter of Dr. Ali Adamu Ph.D. Standford. Former Executive Secretary of the National Primary Education Commission during the General Sani Abacha regime and presently a business mogul into Oil and Gas. Maryam Ali Adamu decided to study skincare after she graduated from her Masters in Law in England in order to find a solution to her own skin problems.
Shortly after her two and a half years program, she was able to clear her own skin producing and using everything she learned. When she came back to Nigeria, family and friends encouraged her to help other people by producing and selling skincare products to make others equally flawless. She started producing and selling skincare products in November 2017. Today, she is the most successful skincare therapist in Northern Nigeria.
Aljism skincare products have become a household name. You can hardly bump into 10 northern women without At least 8 out of the 10 knowing Aljism skincare products and its CEO, Maryam. Maryam has created a platform on Instagram where people are able to send her direct messages on how to become successful entrepreneurs. She has helped so many people grow and succeed in various businesses. She has impacted so many lives with both her skincare range and knowledge.

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